State Work-Based Learning Innovation Tracker Analysis

Effective work-based learning (WBL) toolkits foster understanding between industry partners and states and create a useful resource for centralizing WBL goals, language and means of implementation. A well-crafted WBL toolkit allows school districts and industry partners to work together to create a pipeline of career pathways for future learners, and empowers state leaders to ensure that learners have equitable access to programs offering real-world work experience.

The State Work-Based Learning Toolkit Innovation Tracker Analysis highlights key elements of the tracker and promising practices in six states. The accompanying tracker captures these toolkits in an effort to provide state and local leaders with real-life examples to adapt and implement in their own states and communities. 

The tracker includes linked and tracked components of 41 publicly accessible WBL toolkits across the following categories:  WBL toolkit availability; secondary WBL definition; training forms; roles & responsibilities; evaluation/assessment forms; employer resources; student learning plan; innovative practices; and data collection.

This resource was developed through JPMorgan Chase & Co.’s New Skills ready network, a partnership of Advance CTE and Education Strategy Group. New Skills ready network, launched by JPMorgan Chase & Co. in 2020, bolsters the firm’s efforts to support an inclusive economic recovery, as part of both their $350 million, five-year New Skills at Work initiative to prepare people for the future of work and their new $30 billion commitment to advance racial equity. 

Access the State Work-Based Learning Toolkit Innovation Tracker here

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June 2022
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