• Research/ Report
April 2019

This report draws on a national survey of State CTE Directors to examine how states are collecting and using career readiness data. 

  • Case Study
January 2019

This brief, the third in the Making Good on the Promise series, maps out steps state leaders can take to rebuild trust in marginalized communities that CTE historically failed to serve equitably. 

  • Case Study
December 2017

This brief from Advance CTE, part of the CTE on the Frontier series, profiles how states such as Nebraska, Alaska, North Dakota and Idaho have leveraged strategic partnerships and technology to reach economies of scale and offer a wider breadth of career pathways to rural learners.

  • Case Study
August 2017

This brief from Advance CTE's CTE on the Frontier series describes how states like Nebraska, South Dakota, Idaho and Mississippi are working to improve the quality of local career pathways to meet industry needs and expand opportunities for rural learners.

  • Guide/Tool
July 2019

This document is designed to help policymakers identify leverage points across federal education and workforce programs to support and expand access to high-quality rural CTE at both the secondary and postsecondary levels.

  • Guide/Tool
February 2019

This guide from the College Board describes AP Seminar’s course contents and provides state, district, and student examples of how AP Seminar could be potentially embedded into a CTE program of study.

  • Policy
April 2015

CTE Digital is an online course catalog offered through the Idaho Digital Learning Academy that allows CTE students in Idaho to access high-quality instruction and integrate virtual learning into their programs of study. 

  • Policy
January 2013

 Idaho's Program Alignment Initative establishes statewide articulation agreements and aligns secondary and postsecondary learning outcomes in order to provide learners with a seamless transition from secondary into postsecondary.

The Learning that Works Resource Center was developed through the New Skills for Youth initiative, a partnership of the Council of Chief State School Officers, Advance CTE and the Education Strategy Group, generously funded by JPMorgan Chase & Co