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Advance CTE hosts webinars on a variety of topics and pressing issues of interest to the CTE community. These webinars bring Advance CTE staff together with leading experts from across the nation to share their expertise on issues including policy, research and best practices.

Recent Webinars

March 15, 2023
Introducing Launch: A Conversation on the Future of College and Career Pathways

Over the last decade, many states and communities have taken great strides in expanding high-quality career pathways to the benefit of learners and industry alike. There have been unprecedented investments in career pathways, major policy overhauls, and a more international focus on ensuring equitable access and success. While there is much to celebrate, there is more work to do to ensure all learners truly have access and the supports necessary to persist in pathways, earn a credential of value, and succeed in the career of their choice.

February 16, 2023
State Policies Impacting CTE: 2022 Year in Review

Each year, Advance CTE and the Association for Career Technical Education (ACTE) track and analyze state policy to prepare a Year in Review: State Policies Impacting CTE report, 10th anniversary edition. State CTE policies in 2022 reflected ongoing challenges – driven in part by the coronavirus pandemic – that have impacted state economies, labor market participation and learner enrollment and engagement in education. Last year, 36 states enacted 123 policy actions that will impact millions of CTE learners in secondary and postsecondary systems.

January 24, 2023
Examining the Potential of Industry-Recognized Credentials in High School to Advance Learner Success

Industry-recognized credentials (IRCs) are an increasingly prominent strategy used by states to measure career readiness among high school graduates. The breadth of the credentials landscape is making it increasingly important to monitor the outcomes of credential attainment to ensure they meet the skill needs for both learners and prospective employers.

November 17, 2022
CTE Policy Conversation Series: Mid-term Election Reflections with JFF and New Skills Coalition

This webinar featured an enlightening conversation among  Advance CTE Executive Director Kimberly Green, JFF President and CEO Maria Flynn, and National Skills Coalition CEO Andy Van Kleunen, as they break down what the mid-term elections portend for Career Technical Education, workforce development, and career pathways. With over 100 years of policy experience among them, these leaders will share their insights and their latest efforts at creating a more equitable and inclusive career preparation ecosystem that drives economic mobility for all.

September 06, 2022
CTE Policy Conversation Series: A Conversation with U.S. Department of Education Assistant Secretary Dr. Amy Loyd

In June 2022, the United States Senate confirmed Dr. Amy Loyd as the new Assistant Secretary of the Office of Career, Technical and Adult Education (OCTAE) at the U.S. Department of Education. This webinar features a conversation between Assistant Secretary Loyd and Advance CTE’s Executive Director, Kimberly Green. Together, they conducted a far-reaching and engaging discussion that explored Dr. Loyd’s pathway to her current position and her goals for her tenure at OCTAE.

August 03, 2022
Lunch and Learn: Enhancing Effective and Equitable State CTE Recruitment Practices in Your State

Join this lunch and learn to engage with Advance CTE staff and leading states to discuss solutions to effectively and equitably communicate the value of Career Technical Education (CTE) in your state.

July 07, 2022
Elevating Community Voices to Increase CTE Program Enrollment

What is the role for states in recruiting more learners to Career Technical Education (CTE) programs, and how can community partners support that role? This webinar featured two states - Maryland and New Hampshire -with emerging practices to sustain long-term engagement with both learners and employers to increase enrollment in CTE programs.

May 24, 2022
Designing CTE Recruitment Practices to Reach Each Learner

States have an important role in building systems that ensure each learner  feels welcome in and supported to succeed in CTE programs. Equitable recruitment practices can empower local systems to increase access, enrollment and completion.

May 19, 2022
Exploring the Research on Innovative CTE Delivery Models

Across the country, new approaches to virtual and remote Career Technical Education (CTE) during the coronavirus pandemic provided opportunities for learners to access courses or engage with industry experts when they could not before. As learners become increasingly mobile and not place-based, lessons learned from these solutions borne out of crisis should be leveraged to increase access to high-quality CTE programs in the future. 

April 27, 2022
Learner-Centered Models for Building Integrated State Career Advising Systems

The continued impacts of the pandemic on learner engagement and postsecondary enrollment have heightened the importance of integrated career advising systems. Those systems can ensure each learner has the supports to explore careers and navigate educational pathways. As part of this work, states must examine and improve equity and alignment among systems that deliver college and career advising, academic experiences, career exploration and skillbuilding.