Career Clusters Resources

Below are a range of resources to support the implementation of Career Clusters and their integration into the broader CTE environment in your state or community.

Student Interest Survey: A career guidance tool that allows students to respond to questions and identify the top three Career Clusters of interest based on their responses. Available in English and Spanish as a pencil and paper tool with an online version in English.

Benchmarks and Certifications by Career Cluster: A number of benchmark standards, certifications, and resources were identified as part of the review and revision process. The following provides access to the resources and includes additional information about how to access further information about the resource online. The resource is provided as an Excel workbook with 16 separate worksheets for each of the 16 Career Clusters. The inclusion of the resource does not imply endorsement, but rather is identified as a resource that was used to inform the revision process.

Implementation Self-Assessment Rubrics: These rubrics are for state and local administrators to use as they assess the progress made on the implementation of the Career Clusters, focusing on critical components such as state plan/administrative support, professional development, partnerships, parent and community support, teaching strategies and workplace learning.

Crosswalks: A collection crosswalks to support the linkage or bridging of different coding systems with the 16 Career Clusters and Career Pathways to assist in reporting, research, and other applications. 

School Leader Guides: The Center to Advance CTE and Microsoft's U.S. Partners in Learning partnered to create a series of four guides - Redesigning the High School Experience for College and Career Readiness - for school leaders. Each of the four guides highlights an innovation strategy that leverages the National Career Cluster Framework to deliver high-quality programs of study to boost student success.The goal of each guide is to tell the story of how the school successfully brought the initiative to life, sharing tips and insights for school leaders interested in aligning their curriculum to the Career Clusters model.

Credentials: More information on credentials (licenses, certificates and postsecondary degrees).