CTE: Learning that Works for America

The CTE brand promise is the essence of the CTE: Learning that works for America brand, as it declares what the brand promises to do for those whom it serves. The brand promise represents an internal commitment to the CTE community and serves as the foundation for CTE messaging. It drives what we do and the decisions we make, how we behave, how we interact with key audiences, how we talk about CTE and how CTE connects with others. It’s why CTE matters. 

All uses of the CTE: Learning that works for America campaign related messaging must be consistent with the CTE brand promise as outlined below:
Career Technical Education promises an unrelenting commitment to:
  • Continually improve the relevance and value of a student’s educational experience;
  • Prepare students for success in both career and college, by employing The National Career Clusters Framework to ensure contextual learning and academic standards that reflect the goals and interests of all learners;
  • Provide American business and industry with a highly skilled, sustainable workforce;
  • Provide dynamic, innovative leadership for the nation’s educational system; and
  • Serve as a strategic partner with secondary and postsecondary educators, and business/industry to strengthen America’s competitive position in the global economy.

Since CTE is and will continue to evolve in response to workplace changes and demands, it is important to note that the brand promise is centered on the “unrelenting commitment” to achieve the goals outlined in the above. It is this commitment that is the true essence of the brand.
Use the campaign logos, strategy guide and materials to help you promote CTE. 
For any questions please contact Stacy Whitehouse.