CTE Vision Toolkit


CTE Vision Toolkit

CTE Vision Toolkit

This set of resources has been assembled to help you share the CTE Vision with the CTE community and other important audiences. Inside this tool kit you’ll find a number of valuable resources that have been designed specially to support your efforts—and underscore the importance of CTE for students, businesses and industry, and our economy.

CTE Vision Paper
The CTE vision is defined by five guiding principles in Reflect, Transform, Lead: A New Vision for CTE. Collectively, the principles serve as guideposts for the CTE community to set priorities and make decisions affecting CTE programs, policies and priorities—and to chart a new course for CTE and the nation in the 21st century.

CTE Issue Briefs 
This five-part series dedicates an issue brief to each of Advance CTE’s core principles for CTE: Global competition, partnership with employers, career preparation, alignment with the National Career Clusters Framework, and commitment to CTE return-on-investment.

Vision Progress Report 2012 
To mark progress and ensure success in achieving the vision, each of the five principles includes a set of corresponding action steps, committed to by the states and by Advance CTE. In the Vision Progress Report, we identify the specific initiatives that were launched to put these action steps in motion. Here, Advance CTE reflects upon and celebrates the progress made to date and renews our commitment to continuing the pursuit of achieving our vision.

CTE Vision Posters 
Five full-color CTE vision posters available for download—one for each of the five vision principles: Global Competition, Employer Partnerships, College & Career Readiness, Programs of Study, and Return on Investment.

CTE Vision Web Ad
Why not add the CTE: Making the Difference mini-ad to your website—and give visitors direct access to the CTE video and fact sheets? Help us spread the word. This makes it easy.