Friends of CTE: Employers


Friends of CTE: Employers

Below, you will find persuasive pieces on the value of CTE that were written by business leaders from a wide variety of fields who understand the importance of CTE to every facet of the American economy. Each entry contains a unique insight into how we can best deliver high-quality CTE, utilize up-to-date workforce data to give students the whole picture of the jobs that await them after graduation and ensure that the students leaving the American school system possess career-ready skills. CTE advocates are encouraged to print and use the testimonials below in meetings as leave-behinds in meetings with CTE stakeholders. 

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Adobe’s Jana Hambruch explains modern industry’s need for CTE educated, career-ready graduates at the secondary level.
Air Products’ John McGlade argues that CTE is crucial to maintaining the United States’ greatest competitive advantage: its skilled workforce.
Education Malfunction is a Myth
CompTia’s Todd Thibodeaux supports the need for graduates with career-ready skills and industry certifications. 

Encouraging Students to Dream Big, Plan Accordingly Spurs Economic Development
Kuder, Inc.’s Phil Harrington discusses the importance of planning for the future and CTE’s role in preparing students for success. 


PG&E Uses Public-Private Partnerships to Address Skilled Candidate Shortages
Pacific Gas and Electric’s John R. Simon describes PG&E’s work to create public-private workforce development models to ensure it has qualified new hires. 


The Strength of America: It’s in the American Workforce and Technical Careers
Snap-on’s Nicholas T. Pinchuk describes CTE as the path ahead for America’s workforce. 


Toyota President, CEO Supports CTE as Resource for Employment Opportunities
Toyota’s Jim Lentz identifies CTE as a crucial edge for job seekers in the modern economy. 


CTE, Quality Workforce are Needed for Stronger American Business
Union Pacific’s Roy Schroer makes the case for expanding CTE to unlock business development and stimulate economic growth. 


Education and Business Partnerships Necessary to Prepare Skilled Workforce 
Emerson Climate Technologie’s Becky Hoelscher discusses the importance of business and education collaborations to create a skilled workforce