Advance CTE Fall Meeting Sponsor Blog: Platinum Sponsor, Oracle Academy – Tools for Career Technical Education and Learning that Works


Advance CTE Fall Meeting Sponsor Blog: Platinum Sponsor, Oracle Academy – Tools for Career Technical Education and Learning that Works

As Oracle’s global philanthropic educational program, Oracle Academy is open to educators around the world to advance technology education, skills, innovation, diversity and inclusion. We offer academic institutions and their educators free teaching and learning resources ― including curriculum, cloud, software, and educator professional development ― that help prepare millions of students with hands-on practice and career-relevant skills.
In my role as Sr. Regional Director for North America, I have the opportunity to work with Career Technical Education (CTE) leaders from all over the nation ― learning, sharing ideas, celebrating successes, and understanding challenges. In return, I share information on Oracle Academy teaching and learning resources that CTE leaders can encourage educators to use to help elevate CTE student success and overcome those challenges. Our resources have met the requirements under the Carl D. Perkins Act since 2006, and states have adopted our teaching and learning resources for use in professional development and curriculum design. 
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As a means to continue the good work of preparing students with career-relevant knowledge and skills, Oracle Academy has developed new resources and tools that are available to Oracle Academy members:

  • The introduction of Oracle Academy Java for AP Computer Science A Curriculum that prepares high school students for the College Board AP Computer Science A exam as well as the Oracle Certified Foundations Associate, Java exam (1Z0-811). An extension of the Java Foundations curriculum, this new curriculum includes content to meet the objectives outlined by the College Board for AP Computer Science A. It also may benefit educators and students who wish to extend their Java knowledge beyond Java Foundations.
  • Every journey begins with a first step. My Oracle Academy (OA) Journeys are a starting point for new and existing educator members to grow their technology education expertise. My OA Journey will point educator members in the right direction through precise questioning to determine which OA teaching resources will support their needs. Access My OA Journey in the Oracle Academy Member Hub.
  • Development of an Oracle Academy Scheduled Learning Widget, conveniently located in the Oracle Academy Member Hub, allows for just in time learning for educators. The new Scheduled Learning Widget will provide all educator members with easy access to scheduled support topics, including “Office Hours” and “Getting Started With” enablement events.
  • In addition to our Scheduled Learning Widget, Oracle Academy members can design their own CPD learning by adding Oracle Academy full curriculum courses to a learning channel they create in the Oracle Academy Member Hub. The full curriculum have associated CPD credit hours assigned to them, so Oracle Academy faculty members simply identify desired content and add to their custom learning channel to get started!

At Oracle Academy, we understand and value CTE leaders and educators as collaborators and partners. In North America, we engage with hundreds of educational institutions, offering teaching and learning resources to support CTE student success.
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Denise Hobbs, Senior Regional Director, Oracle Academy North America