Connecting Youth and Adult Learners: Youth and Adult Career Pathways Event Series


Connecting Youth and Adult Learners: Youth and Adult Career Pathways Event Series

Continuation of the Youth and Adult Career Pathways Event Series
The U.S. Department of Education is pleased to announce the continuation of its Youth and Adult Pathways (YAP) Event Series, a new microgroup series within the Career Pathways community on the LINCS Platform.  The YAP Event Series is designed to bring together professionals with a shared interest in connecting youth and adult learners with career pathways.  Presenters are experts in their fields, and events are designed to enhance your knowledge and give you usable information in each area.  Centered around a live webinar with an established expert, each topic in the series is presented as a month-long “microgroup” within the LINCS Career Pathways community and will include ongoing engagement and discussion before and after the live events.  If you miss one of the live webinars, all materials and webinar recordings will be available for download.
Upcoming events include:

  • Starting Dec. 2: View or download the “Building Strategic Partnerships” webinar with Subject Matter Expert Debbie Mills, recorded at the NCPN Conference
  • Dec. 11th: Participate live in the “Designing Contextualized Instruction” webinar with Subject Matter Expert Lyn Velle
  • All Month Long: Log on for discussions, blog posts, and downloadable resources related to the topics of “Building Strategic Partnerships” and “Designing Contextualized Instruction”

The full schedule of events in the YAP Event Series is as follows:

  • Dec. 2013: Building Strategic Partnerships / Designing Contextualized Instruction
  • Jan. 2014: Integrating Career Planning & Counseling into Adult Education
  • Feb. 2014: Sustaining Adult Career Pathways: Funding, Leadership, Policy, & Professional Development
  • March 2014: Using Data for Continuous Improvement
  • April 2014: Business Engagement in Supporting the Education Pipeline
  • May 2014: Developing Effective Bridge Programs

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