Excelencia in Education Report Explores 2018 Hispanic Serving Institutions and Workforce Survey


Excelencia in Education Report Explores 2018 Hispanic Serving Institutions and Workforce Survey

Excelencia in Education (Excelencia), in partnership with Gallup and with support from Strada Education Network, explored the services and practices of Hispanic Serving Institutions (HSIs), and the accompanying outcomes of the graduating students. An institution is categorized as an HSI if at least 25 percent of the full time undergraduate students are Latino. As of the 2016-2017 school year, HSIs include 65 percent of Latino undergraduate students and 15 percent of colleges and universities across the country, and these number are only expected to increase. It is more important than ever to understand the role that HSIs play.
The findings are based on the 12 HSIs that were or currently are part of Excelencia’s national “network of institutions that leverage their collective expertise and resources to accelerate Latino student success.” The main findings include:

  • “Excelencia network graduates believe their alma mater is creating an inclusive environment for the success of all students;
  • Excelencia network graduates indicate they had strong support systems at college;
  • There are areas of opportunity that could further support graduates in finding jobs and learning skills that carry over into the workplace;
  • 27 percent of Excelencia network graduates strongly agree that they were prepared well for life outside of college; and”
  • “Excelencia network graduates are more likely than college graduates nationally to be fulfilled in their work and to have higher levels of well-being.”

The full findings and analysis can be found in Excelencia and Gallup’s report, Examining Life Outcomes Among Graduates of Hispanic-Serving Institutions.
Last week, Excelencia and Gallup hosted a briefing to share the results of the survey and key findings of the report. The briefing featured presentations from the following experts:

  • Brandon Busteed- Senior Partner and Global Head for Public Sector, Gallup; and
  • Deborah A. Santiago- CEO, Excelencia in Education

In addition to providing background information on the survey and report, the presenters underscored the importance understanding the collected data and taking action in response to the results. The point was made that higher education systems and institutions are most successful when leaders are intentional about meeting the needs of their students. When making decisions, one must consider student values, along with data.
A panel, moderated by Sarita E. Brown, President of Excelencia in Education included:

  • Lisette Garcia- Senior Vice President and Chief Operating Officer, Hispanic Association on Corporate Responsibility (HACR);
  • Anne Prisco- President, Felician University and President for Latino Student Success; and
  • Erin White- Senior Director, Product Development and Research, STEMconnector

The panel discussed topics such as the importance of intentionality in increasing Latino representation in higher education institutions and in the workplace, the need to pay attention to the full pipeline from secondary education through the workforce and what it will take to close both the opportunity and access gaps. There was also a call to action to bring more employers and learners together. In doing this, the students have the opportunity to learn about career paths, and industry leaders benefit from interacting with and better understanding those who will be joining the workforce. Additionally, the role of HSIs was reinforced as pivotal to students. For example, less than 10 percent of Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics degree holders are Latino, and the majority of these individuals come from HSIs.
You can check out the full recording of the briefing to hear more about the topics covered.

Meredith Hills, Policy Associate