Guided Pathways: Scale of Adoption Assessment and Planning Tool

The guided pathways approach redesigns programs and supports so that students can more easily navigate college and achieve their goals.This tool from the Community College Research Center (CCRC) is designed to help colleges evaluate their progress toward implementing the essential guided pathways practices at scale. The tool identifies the essential guided pathways practices:

• Mapping pathways to student end goals,
• Helping students choose and enter a pathway,
• Keeping students on path and
• Ensuring that students are learning.

The tool breaks down the four essential guided pathways practices into descriptive subsections that are indicative of an institution's progress towards implementing the guided pathways practices. The tool measures each subsection based on its scale of adoption, and it asks the institution to outline its progress to date and next steps towards implementing the practice at scale by subsection.

CCRC's Guided Pathways: Scale of Adoption Assessment and Planning Tool is an excellent resource for postsecondary institutions to use to plan and improve their implementation of the guided pathways approach.

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June 2017