Achieving Inclusive CTE Goal-Setting Tool

Fully inclusive Career Technical Education (CTE) programs should not just reflect current program representation, but rather the communities where learners will work and build their lives. The Achieving Inclusive CTE Goal-Setting Tool strives to equip state and local CTE and career pathways leaders to approach program participation and outcomes data and goal setting with an inclusive and representative lens. 

This goal-setting tool adds a new resource in the data toolbox for state and local CTE and career pathways leaders to assess learner group data in comparison to the broader student population. With this goal-setting tool, leaders can more intentionally plan to recruit, engage and support underrepresented learner groups to increase access to high-quality CTE programs and career pathways

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This resource was produced with the support of the New Skills ready network, launched by JPMorgan Chase & Co. in 2020 in partnership with Advance CTE and Education Strategy Group. This initiative bolsters the firm’s efforts to support an inclusive economic recovery, as part of both their $350 million, five-year New Skills at Work initiative to prepare people for the future of work and their new $30 billion commitment to advance racial equity. 

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December 2022