Looking Back to Look Forward

A comprehensive analysis to date of existing research and qualitative feedback on federal K-12 education policies of the past 20 years from No Child Left Behind to Every Student Succeeds Act.


Looking Back to Look Forward

This report, produced by the U.S. Chamber of Commerce Foundation, found the following upon its analysis of credible education policy research:

  1. Disaggregated data shifted the focus from the average kid to every kid—including Black, Hispanic, low-income students, English learners, and learners with disabilities. No longer were school districts able to hide the performance of some students behind an average.
  2. Student achievement increased due to NCLB-era assessment and accountability policies, especially in math and especially for Black, Hispanic, and low-income students, who the system had not been serving well.
  3. There is now access to far more reliable, comparable education data than there would be available otherwise, though there has not been sufficient time dedicated to rigorous analysis.
  4. Reforms in teacher evaluation and school turnaround initiatives did not consistently improve student outcomes at scale, in part due to significant variation in quality of implementation.

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