New Skills ready network 2021-2022 Snapshot: Denver, Colorado

An overview of Year Two progress and priorities for the Denver, Colorado site.


New Skills ready network 2021-2022 Snapshot: Denver, Colorado

Denver, Colorado, is one of the six sites selected to participate in the New Skills ready network. This five-year initiative, launched by JPMorgan Chase & Co. in 2020, aims to improve student completion of high-quality career pathways. In the second year of the initiative, the Denver, Colorado, team — working under the name New Skills Ready Initiative (NSRI)— convened partners to improve awarding credit and course mapping for work-based learning experiences. The team also built on secondary-postsecondary trust and connections from year one to execute data sharing agreements and pilot Individual Career and Academic Plans, renamed the Learner Transitions Pilot, in postsecondary institutions.

This snapshot provides a summary of the three major priorities of Denver, Colorado’s New Skills ready network team:

  1. Aligning work-based learning within career pathways;
  2. Expanding a data framework with protocols for data collection,
    sharing and analysis; and
  3. Launching an ICAP pilot with secondary and postsecondary partners.

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