Using Community Benefit Agreements to Support Career and Technical Education

Community Benefit Agreements (CBA) are legally binding contracts that secure private-sector funding for improvements within neighborhoods affected by proposed real estate developments. Such agreements can include benefits such as construction of parks, provision of affordable housing and support for local workforce development efforts that are offered as concession for support from community coalitions.

This report from the National Center for Innovation in CTE (NCiCTE) examines the opportunity that CBAs can provide for strengthening local CTE programs. While the use of CBAs in support of CTE programs is not yet widespread, CBAs have been utilized in the past to make work-based learning opportunities such as internships and apprenticeships available to school-age youths and unemployed adults in the community.

The FAQs and case studies provided in this report are instructional for local CTE program administrators aiming to partner with local CBA advocates to develop a common agenda for strengthening CTE. The report describes how CBAs are negotiated and explores strategies for linking CBAs with CTE programming through efforts such as funding programs, advising the development of curriculum and standards, and providing work-based learning opportunities for students. 

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August 2016