• Research/ Report
April 2015

This Advance CTE brief explores common approaches to offering or requiring CTE courses and assessments within a statewide set of graduation requirements, offers illustrative examples of state-level policies and elevates implementation issues for consideration.

  • Guide/Tool
May 2017

This downloadable tool from Advance CTE draws on the five principles of Putting Learner Success First: A Shared Vision for the Future of CTE to help local CTE leaders and practitioners understand how they can begin to implement the vision’s principles and actions. 

  • Guide/Tool
April 2018

This guide offers a series of questions for state leaders to use as they reflect on current efforts to expand access to high-quality Career Technical Education (CTE) and career-focused pathways and experiences in rural communities and to identify future opportunities and actions.

  • Case Study
  • Snapshots
February 2017

This publication from Advance CTE sumamrizes work completed in Phase One of the New Skills for Youth initiative. The document profiles significant achievements and lessons learned, drawing out strategies that other states can replicate.

  • Guide/Tool
July 2014

This white paper from RTI International and Advance CTE lays out specific recommendations for how the U.S. Department of Education and future legislation from Congress can provide additional guidance to help Perkins grantees generate more valid, reliable and comparable state data.

  • Research/ Report
December 2016

This report from Advance CTE, in partnership with the Center on Great Teachers and Leaders at AIR, draws on data from two national surveys to examine the shortage of industry experts in secondary classrooms and how to address it.

  • Research/ Report
October 2013

This report from Advance CTE provides a national view on how states adopt, organize and implement CTE standards at both the secondary and postsecondary levels, comparing all state standards to a common benchmark, the Common Career Technical Core.

  • Research/ Report
April 2017

This report from Advance CTE draws on national survey data to explore the attitudes of parents and students currently involved in CTE, as well as prospective  CTE parents and students, to better understand the promise and opportunity of CTE.

The Learning that Works Resource Center was developed through the New Skills for Youth initiative, a partnership of the Council of Chief State School Officers, Advance CTE and the Education Strategy Group, generously funded by JPMorgan Chase & Co