Our Staff


Suela Cela, Senior Policy Associate
Suela supports various state policy projects, such as the Opportunity Gap Analysis, College in the High School Alliance network and the ReScale Project.

Nithya Govindasamy, Senior Advisor
Nithya leads and manages major organization-wide, highly visible initiatives that support, promote and increase equitable access to and success in high-quality CTE, which includes: workforce development, education and equity initiatives; technical assistance for CTE Without Limits, Stimulus Collaborative and the New Skills ready network; and Advance CTE’s external equity strategy. She also supports national and state CTE leadership, policy, and implementation.

Kimberly A. Green, Executive Director
Kimberly works directly with the Board of Directors to oversee the accomplishment of the Advance CTE and The Center to Advance CTE vision, missions and goals. Working with the Board, she helps set the direction of the organizations, execute the strategic plan and ensure the integrity and vitality of the organizations.

Dan Hinderliter, Senior Policy Associate
Dan supports Advance CTE's state policy initatives and implementation strategy, with specific attention to the Area Technical Centers Project, Global Career Readiness Initiative and the National Career Clusters Framework.
Dr. Tunisha Hobson, State Policy Manager
Dr. Hobson supports the New Skills ready network, an initiative under the JPMorgan Chase & Co. Global Career Readiness investment, while working to provide equitable opportunities for each learner. Dr. Hobson also manages and supports the state policy team at Advance CTE; she leads state policy strategy, overseeing efforts to provide technical assistance to states, track state policy and elevate best practices for high-quality, equitable career pathways under Without Limits: A Shared Vision for the Future of Career Technical Education (CTE Without Limits).
Amy Hodge, Policy Associate
As a policy associate, Amy directly supports Advance CTE's state policy strategy and data initiatives as well as the Postsecondary State CTE Leaders Fellowship at Advance CTE - Sponsored by ECMC Foundation. She also contributes to Advance CTE’s member engagement and outreach activities. 
Dr. Kevin Johnson, Sr., Senior Advisor
Dr. Johnson oversees and manages major organization-wide, highly visible initiatives that support, promote and increase equitable access to and success in high-quality CTE, including overseeing Advance CTE’s external equity strategy; the Postsecondary State Career Technical Education Leaders Fellowship at Advance CTE – Sponsored by ECMC Foundation; and the Opportunity Gap Analysis Technical Assistance work within states.
Kate Kreamer, Deputy Executive Director
Kate works with the Executive Director to oversee the accomplishment of Advance CTE and The Center to Advance CTE's strategic plan and carry out the mission and vision of the organization. She serves as an organizational spokesperson, and specializes in state policy and strategic communications.
Steve McFarland, Director of Communications and Membership
Steve leads the organization's internal and external membership engagement, professional learning and strategic communications strategies. He oversees technical assistance, resource development and related supports for Advance CTE members, advances the organization’s strategic priorities and mission, and raises the visibility of and support for high-quality and equitable CTE throughout the country.
Brice Thomas, Policy Associate
As Policy Associate, Brice directly supports Advance CTE's state policy initiatives. He leads state policy tracking for legislation impacting CTE while also contributing to projects including research and resource management associated with building high-quality career pathways. Brice also manages the Learning that Works Resource Center
Stacy Whitehouse, Senior Associate, Communications and State Engagement
As Senior Associate for Communications and State Engagement, Stacy works to develop and implement communications and outreach strategies that support state leaders in their efforts, and advance Advance CTE’s mission, vision and priorities.
Candace Williams, Data and Research Manager 
As Data and Research Manager, Candace leads Advance CTE’s data quality initiatives and conducts timely, salient research to provide direct support to state leaders as they work to advance quality and equity in CTE.
Haley Wing, Senior Policy Associate 
As Senior Policy Associate, Haley directly supports Advance CTE's state policy initiatives, implementation strategies and member engagement activities. Haley's projects include specific attention to equity and high-quality career pathways. 


Steve Voytek, Policy Advisor
As Policy Advisor, Steve advocates for the organization’s federal policy priorities on Capitol Hill and cultivates relationships in support of Advance CTE’s federal policy agenda and national legislative goals and objectives.


Marie Barry, Independent Consultant
Marie formerly served as a State Director of CTE at the New Jersey Department of Education with years of experience in education, counseling, and workforce development. 


Krissy Haynes, Finance & Operations Manager

Krissy supervises the execution of all Advance CTE events including, but not limited to, the Advance CTE Spring Meeting and the Advance CTE Fall Meeting. Krissy also handles accounts receivable and accounts payable for both Advance CTE and The Center for Advance CTE.