Advancing the Framework

Advancing the Framework

Advancing CTE is committed to an inclusive, transparent, and responsive process to modernize the National Career Clusters® Framework.


In December 2022, Advance CTE announced the relaunch of an initiative to modernize the National Career Clusters Framework. This work is led by two national partners Indigo Education Company and WestEd and supported by a National Advisory Committee, Industry Advisory Groups and other avenues to receive input from thousands of professionals connected involved in delivering and experiencing Career Technical Education (CTE) and the Framework.  

Our Vision for a Modernized Framework

Through the Advancing the Framework initiative, we strive for a modernized Framework that will provide: 

Learners with more personalized paths to living wage jobs and gain skills for a variety of careers. 

CTE educators with the ability to align, design, and deliver programs that better reflect the interdisciplinary nature of the clusters and work, include stronger career exploration and advising models, and enhance the connection between in- and out of-classroom experiences such as work-based learning. 

Industries can hire learners with a lifelong learning worldview whose interests, skills, and work-based experiences align with industry sector organization and their hiring needs. This Framework also strives to be a step forward in achieving more connected career readiness language that acts as a bridge between industry and education. 

State CTE leaders can design programs and experiences that are more responsive to industry needs and provide resources/guidance to local leaders that reflect the needs of the modern workplace. 

Latest News

The public National Career Clusters Framework validation survey closed July 7, 2024. Advance CTE is in the process of processing and analyzing survey results. The expected unveiling of the final Framework is planned for Fall 2024.

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Promotional Toolkit and Explainer Resources

An Inclusive Input Process 

The modernization initiative is working to build an industry-informed, learner-centered, and responsive Framework. This requires input from all partners of the Framework.

Our national structures, surveys, and sector-specific feedback sessions have given us information that is guiding the development of the Framework. 

Input structures have resulted in input from over 2,500 CTE professionals through our Advance CTE Board of Directors; 23-member National Advisory Committee (NAC); 13 distinct Industry Advisory Groups (IAGs) totaling over 200 members; a National Implementation Survey; and focus groups and listening sessions including 50+ organizations.

Purpose Statement for a Revised Framework

In 2020, the Advance CTE Board of Directors unanimously approved a revised purpose statement for The National Career Clusters Framework: 

The National Career Clusters Framework provides structural alignment and a common language to bridge education and work, empowering each learner to explore, decide and prepare for dynamic and evolving careers.