Innovating State Systems through CTE Without Limits


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Advance CTE is providing intensive technical assistance to up to six states, to support strategic planning, visioning and stakeholder engagement, using the CTE Without Limits vision as an anchor for that work. Selected states will have access to intensive technical assistance through an assigned coach that will support strategic planning and stakeholder engagement to influence state policies, practices and programs that will be anchored in CTE Without Limits. While most coaching will be virtual, there will be opportunities for in-state support as well. Advance CTE will work with participating states to design a strategic planning process that best meets their needs and state contexts. Participants will also engage in a community of practice of their choice and peer sharing across the cohort at various times throughout the year to continue to learn from one another. 


  • Further learning and understanding about the conditions needed to actualize CTE Without Limits in your state and advance high-quality and equitable Career and Technical Education (CTE) for all learners;
  • Develop strategic priorities and identify actions to enhance CTE; and 
  • Develop and begin to execute on an Action Plan to advance and formalize strategic priorities through federal and state funding and policies.


Applicants should be state CTE leaders and have the approval/recommendation of their State CTE Director (if the State CTE Director is not applying). Applicants can apply alone as long as the learning from the sessions are shared amongst relevant team members outside of the virtual sessions. However, applicants are encouraged to apply as a state team. A state team can include 3-5 individuals, including leadership from partner agencies.

Applications will be evaluated based on the following criteria: 

  • Clarity of Need: Applicant is able to articulate how the state will leverage technical assistance to move the system forward and identify actions that can start to be implemented within a 12-month timeframe. 
  • Influence: Applicant is able to influence agency strategies and decision making to advance CTE in their state.
  • Commitment to Quality and Equity: Applicant understands the importance of quality and equity in CTE and is committed to leveraging CTE Without Limits in their strategies, actions and action plans to collaborate across state agencies to achieve high-quality CTE.


States will be selected and announced publicly in March. Below is high-level timeline of the phases of the technical assistance:

  • PHASE I: April-June/July 2023: Setting Priorities
  • PHASE II: July/August 2023-Oct 2023: Strategic plan/Action plan development
  • PHASE III: Oct 2023-August 2024: Implementation

Technical Assistance Components

  • Provide support to conduct a needs assessment (i.e. survey and/or interviews, policy scan, etc.) that culminates with recommendations from Advance CTE  
  • Technical assistance and an assigned coach to guide and support strategic/action plan development
  • Ongoing coaching to help implement the strategic/action plan and provide access to content expertise through Advance CTE, national partners and other states
  • Access to a community of practice of your choice and peer sharing across the cohort at various times throughout the year to continue to learn from one another

State Commitment

At least one state staff member will be responsible for coordination of project activities with Advance CTE to serve as the project lead and attend all coaching sessions. A team of 3-5 team members from within the Perkins agency and/or other state partner agencies is encouraged.


This is a technical assistance opportunity for states and does not include any direct funding for the states.


Applications are due March 3, 2023


For more information, please contact Nithya Govindasamy, Senior Advisor, Advance CTE

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