State Policy Resources

State Policy Resources

Program Approval Policy Benchmark Tool

State Policy Report and Tracker 

For the past four years we have tracked all the state policies impacting CTE and compiled them into a format that allows you to see what CTE-related policies were passed in your state. We’ve also released four reports detailing major themes and trends in state CTE policy.

Common Career Technical Core Resources

Advance CTE created CCTC information and resources specifically to support our members. These tools were developed to help you raise awareness about CCTC in your state, utilize the CCTC Alignment Study results, and take the next steps toward implementation.

Annual Successes and Challenges Across the States: 2-Minute Roundup 

Every year, Advance CTE surveys the membership to provide an annual benchmark for the success and challenges each state is facing. Learn more about what your state has accomplished and what work still needs to be done. The survey is presented annually at the Spring Meeting.