CTE Forward Summit

CTE Forward: A Summit on CTE's Impact & Promise

About CTE Forward

In September, Advance CTE and nine other national co-convening organizations hosted the virtual CTE Forward: A Summit on CTE’s Impact & Promise, bringing together nearly 200 contributors representing national, state and local CTE leaders.

The CTE Forward Summit builds on Advance CTE’s previous national Summits – held every five years – and led to the development of a shared vision for CTE.

Our Goal

The goal of the CTE Forward Summit was to gather broad perspectives and ideas to drive a bold, shared vision that affirms consensus, commitment and public support for high-quality and equitable CTE systems, policies and programs across key stakeholders.

Our Supporters

Learn more about the amazing supporters that made the CTE Forward Summit possible. 

The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation has chosen to support the CTE Forward Summit because we believe in increasing equitable student access and participation in high-quality Career Technical Education programs. Our Pathways work of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation focuses on building stronger connections and alignment between K-12 districts and schools, postsecondary institutions, employers and policymakers to improve labor market outcomes and promote paths to economic opportunity and upward mobility for Black, Latino and young people experiencing poverty.

This Summit matters so much. It is here that we will be able to launch an initiative that will… ultimately wake up the future employees of tomorrow to the opportunities that lie ahead.

Preparing our workforce to meet great demands facing us as a society and confronting the long standing gaps that have left too many people - women and people of color - from jobs that pay family-sustaining wages, adapting our systems of education safely and effectively, providing training online; none of this would be possible without sustained investment in CTE. That is why our organization is increasing its investment in CTE.

Strada Education Network is pleased to support the CTE Forward Summit because we believe in the mission of this Summit, and we are impressed with the commitment that the co-conveners of this summit have to provide high-quality CTE throughout the country at really this most important time.

JPMorgan Chase & Co. is proud to support the CTE Forward Summit because it is more important now than ever that businesses, government, and communities work together to prepare young people for the future of work so they have a better shot at building a good life for themselves and their families.

The CTE Forward Summit is really important to us because it is bringing together leaders from across the country who are trying to deal in real-time with both what the challenges are today and to look ahead to tomorrow...how we can better prepare people for the changing nature of work.