Colorado Job Quality Framework

The Colorado Job Quality Framework, developed through a collaboration of local communities, employers and leaders, outlines the components of quality jobs in Colorado as well as key next steps for each partner in improving job quality across the state. Attracting and growing good jobs is key to building a strong economy and creating opportunity for all Colorado residents. 

Each step along the framework ensures sector participation by building from the bottom up first by 1) establishing communities to attract and retain businesses committed to job quality, then 2) ensuring companies create good jobs to meet basic needs of their employees, and, lastly, 3) making sure leaders elevate opportunities for their employees to grow, connect and find meaning in their work. 

Through this framework, Career Technical Education (CTE) leaders can elevate the importance of defining and providing actionable steps to creating quality jobs for their communities to help attract talented workers, reduce turnover costs and increase employee engagement, while also boosting the state economy. 

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July 2021