New Skills for Youth Phase One Snapshot: Vermont

This snapshot profile describes Vermont's work during Phase One of the New Skills for Youth initiative. 


New Skills for Youth Phase One Snapshot: Vermont

Vermont’s approach to Phase One of the New Skills for Youth Initiative was to leverage the state’s recent proficiency-based Flexible Pathways Initiative to encourage more students to participate in Career Technical Education (CTE) and work-based learning experiences. During the Phase One implementation and planning grant period, the state project team assigned a full-time staff member to coordinate work-based learning activities statewide and partnered with Castleton University to develop a work-based learning certification program for teachers. Additionally, the project team developed an action plan that aims to adopt a statewide career guidance strategy to help students make the most of the Flexible Pathways opportunities and graduate with workforce-relevant experiences.

Phase One of JPMorgan Chase & Co.’s New Skills for Youth grant extended from May to October 2016. With bold visions for improving career readiness in K-12 education, each Phase One state spent the grant period performing a diagnostic assessment of their career preparation system and preparing for implementation of a new action plan. This snapshot describes Vermont’s experience and progress in Phase One, including promising practices and innovations. Additional snapshots from other Phase One New Skills for Youth states are available here.

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