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Welcome to Empowering Students through Career Technical Education and Career Advising

Empowering Students through Career Technical Education and Career Advising

This resource library aims to provide school counselors and other advising professionals with impactful information and resources to expand existing strategies for effective career advisement and empower learners to skillfully navigate their path to career and college success. Participants will emerge with an enhanced knowledge of the full range of education and career options, with a specific focus on high-quality, equitable Career Technical Education (CTE) and in-demand occupations. 

Empowering Students through Career Technical Education and Career Advising was developed in 2019 in partnership with a former school counselor and State CTE Director, with input provided by an advisory committee made up of national and state leaders with expertise in CTE and school counseling. Additionally, the training was reviewed by the Association for Career and Technical Education (ACTE), the American School Counselor Association (ASCA), the Advance CTE equity committee and local practitioners. In 2021 the workshop was updated and transferred from an in-person to a virtual format; it has been delivered to over 1,500 school counselors and career advising professionals. 

The workshop is comprised of six modules that can be delivered individually or as one unit: 

  • Shifting Perceptions of Career Technical Education 
  • Career Technical Education and Communicating the World of Work
  • Expanding and Elevating High-Quality Career Technical Education
  • Connecting Career Technical Education & Effective Career Advising Practices
  • Understanding Implicit Bias & Impact on Career Advisement and Decision-Making
  • Effective Communication of CTE to Learners and Families 

Next Steps: Explore each module and download the materials that meet your needs! 

For questions or to receive additional support on workshop delivery, please contact Stacy Whitehouse at

Module Components

Each module consists of ready-made materials that are customizable for your professional development needs. Modules can be delivery individually or jointly, and suggestions are provided for module pairings. The materials can be utilized in a virtual, hybrid or in-person setting: 

  • Slide deck with placeholders for customizable state and local information; 
  • Facilitation guide with timing cues and detailed instructions to deliver slides and activities; 
  • Worksheet with interactive activities corresponding to the facilitation guide; 
  • Pre and post survey questions to evaluate content impact and delivery;
  • Sample Community Agreement; and 
  • Handout Hub with national resources to supplement workshop materials.

Advance CTE’s logo and design should not be altered, but each component can but customized and expanded to meet state and local needs.

Train the Trainer July 2022

This video is a recording of the July 2022 Train the Trainer session, which includes a deep dive of the module and how to use the materials.