New Skills for Youth 2018 Snapshot: Executive Summary

This executive summary provides an overview of the progress New Skills for Youth states made in 2018 through the lens of equity and access. The report identifies common approaches states took to expand opportunities and connect marginalized learners with high-quality career pathways. 


New Skills for Youth 2018 Snapshot: Executive Summary

Career Technical Education (CTE), and the education system more broadly, has made strides in overcoming a legacy of delivering inequitable outcomes for learners based on race, gender, disability and other factors, but work remains to be done. Through the New Skills for Youth (NSFY) initiative, 10 states are actively working to dismantle historical barriers for marginalized populations and ensure that equity is a central focus in their career pathways expansion efforts. These states each received $2 million to implement a three-year action plan focused on transforming career readiness opportunities and expanding access to high-quality career pathways. NSFY is a $75 million national initiative developed by JPMorgan Chase & Co. in collaboration with the Council of Chief State School Officers, Advance CTE and Education Strategy Group.

In 2018, the third full year of the initiative, NSFY states built upon early policy groundwork to scale and expand career pathways, work-based learning opportunities and other early postsecondary opportunities. NSFY states have kept the focus on equity by:

  • Including Learners With Disabilities in High-Quality Career Pathways
  • Expanding Access to Advanced Coursework
  • Strengthening Individualized Career Planning to Support Each Learner
  • Improving the Quality of Career Pathways for Each and Every Learner

To learn more about the 10 states in the NSFY initiative, read the 2018 NSFY state snapshots.

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